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Have you received a traffic ticket in the Alexandria area or Washington, D.C.? If so, you should know your rights and what can happen to you. Penalties for traffic offenses range from fines to license suspension to jail time, and the punishments are cumulative.

Having points on your license or getting your license suspended can cause your insurance to go up and interfere with your ability to make a living. Alexandria Traffic Lawyer Michael E. Hendrickson can answer questions and help you deal with traffic offenses.

What kind of traffic offenses are there?

Traffic offenses can be criminal or civil in nature.  That means that the more minor ones will probably only result in a fine, while more serious traffic offenses can result in jail time.

Most people have gotten a traffic ticket at some point in their lives. Traffic tickets are called infractions, and are only quasi criminal in nature. They don’t seem like a big deal, until you get enough that you have multiple points or a looming license suspension. Alexandria Traffic Lawyer Michael E. Hendrickson can help you understand what impact your case could have on you.

Driver’s License Suspension

There are several reasons your driver’s license may be suspended.  A drug felony, unpaid child support, and failure to comply with insurance laws are all things that can suspend your driver’s license.

Your license can also be suspended for failure to pay court fines, like unpaid traffic tickets, or for having too many points on your license. Sometimes you will need to attend an administrative hearing, and Traffic Lawyer Michael E. Hendrickson has attended many hearings where he helped clients with their license status.

Protecting your Driver’s License

Sometimes one of the requirements for getting your license back is taking a required driver improvement clinic or paying fines, but often it is more difficult.  It is better to try to have even minor cases dismissed, though, because of their possible future effects.

Your driver’s license is important to your being able to work and take care of yourself.  Violations can stay on your record for up to eleven years even after you’ve resolved them, especially if the violations led to suspensions.

If you need help with traffic tickets in the Virginia or Washington D.C. area, call the Law Office of Michael E. Hendrickson today for a free consultation.

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