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The Law Office of Michael E Hendrickson: Zealous Criminal Law in Alexandria, Virginia

Criminal charges can cause years of devastation, but with the right criminal defense lawyer on your side, you can emerge with a lighter sentence or even dropped charges. It’s important to choose carefully, because your attorney could spell the difference between a favorable outcome and a harsh criminal sentence. The Law Office of Michael E Hendrickson is a great option; the acclaimed Alexandria law firm has an impressive track record and a great reputation throughout the state of Virginia.

Type of Criminal Cases Handled At the Law Office of Michael E Hendrickson

From serious felonies (including bank robbery) to misdemeanor offenses (including DUI) the Law Office of Michael E Hendrickson handles a vast range of criminal matters. Regardless of the criminal charges they face, all clients enjoy access to a knowledgeable and assertive lawyer, who understands the implications of criminal charges and the importance of zealous representation both in and out of court.

The Repercussions of Criminal Charges

Whether you’ve been accused of committing a serious felony or a petty misdemeanor, you risk huge repercussions. If a favorable resolution is not achieved in court, you could be slapped with thousands of dollars in fines, or worse, time behind bars. Additional consequences include mandated community service hours, treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, and years of probation.

Sadly, the ill effects of criminal charges don’t end after the alleged offender’s sentence has been served. Even those accused of committing seemingly minor misdemeanors face grief years after serving their sentences. Landlords are often reluctant to rent to applicants with any criminal history whatsoever. In most cases, employers are not supposed to discriminate based on criminal record, but that certainly doesn’t stop them from doing so.

Why Work With the Law Office of Michael E Hendrickson?

Your criminal defense lawyer should demonstrate compassion through all elements of the criminal process. As an alleged offender, you can expect to receive unfair judgment from all sides; the last thing you need is a judgmental lawyer. Clients appreciate the respectful candor offered at the Law Office of Michael E Hendrickson, as well as the aggressive stance used in court.

If you have been accused of committing a misdemeanor or a felony, you cannot afford to move forward without legal representation. Seek assistance from the Law Office of Michael E Hendrickson, where you’ll receive the high-quality service you deserve.

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